The Beginning of Everything

Hello everyone,

We finally have a beautiful day in Maine! I am outside in the sunshine with my labs, Haley and Zoey enjoying the warmth and listening to the breeze blowing through the leaves. It's glorious!

Today I want to start our series on animal communication and holistic health by talking about how my journey began. How I started on my path to healthier and holistic living for myself and my fur babies. 

I have always loved animals. I can not remember a time when we did not have a fur baby in our home. They are part of my genetic fabric. After marrying and having two super awesome sons, I knew my life work was amongst animals and nature but I never realized just how deep and rooted that life work would become, until now.

In 1998 I went to grooming school and became certified as a professional pet groomer. That was step one on this almost unbelievable journey. A few years ago, after returning to the area I grew up in, I went to an essential oils class, and it was a super bone chilling, cold January day. As a norm, I would never leave my house when it is that cold, but I felt in my heart I needed to learn about essential oils that exact day. So my hubby Mike was the passenger, as my youngest son Nathan was our driver working on his road time on icy roads, with his driving permit. I sat in the back seat with the anxiety and fear that was the driving force for me going to this class. 

This class not only lead me to life changing options in my health and that of my pets but also further introduced me to two of the most incredible women I have ever met. Today all three of us are working with different road maps to help and encourage all humans to see just how unique and beautiful they are. I feel the energy of love and healing just typing this and we want you with us.

Moving forward, I have personally experienced health related positive changes through using and understanding essential oils. Very powerful changes and everyone needs to know this option is there for them.

After realizing how pure essential oils can help us, I started researching and learning as much as I could find on using essential oils with our pets. This is where my journey takes step two.

Through a few years of personal growth, watching my labs select the essential oil they need to support their bodies and watching their transformations, I knew that I would use doTerra essential oils forever. 

During this time, I had begun reading on how plants and nature has survived the test of time with out need for us humans to "save them". Do you think about how year after year, no matter the weather, plants and trees and bushes and our grass, you get the picture, it all comes back as beautiful and lush as the year before. Many of our plants come back larger and healthier year after year. 

When you stop and think about it....this is pretty fabulous, yet we take it for granted, and we have to wonder why did humans ever think they could do better then what nature already had been doing for EVER?!

So you ask, what oils are best? Well, they are all amazing options, but today I will discuss my top 5 for dogs.

Lavender, Helichrysum, Frankincense, Vetiver and TerraShield. 

I use all of these, accept TerraShield,  in my difuser in my grooming shop and with the humans permission on the dogs topically.

TerraShield for bugs. Works amazing! I purchase the spray bottle option and a half spray will be enough for me and both my 80 pound labs! I spray it in my hand, rub my hands together and then rub on each of us away from the face.

All of these oils and many more support our furry best friends in many ways as options for their health. And yes, they do the same for us humans. 

So today, I ask you to consider giving doTerra essential oils a try in your life. Not only are they from the plants, they are pure and from the native country the plant grows in. A single drop can be the support needed.

Please click here to take a look around my website and read more on each essential oil.  

When you are ready to experience the blessing of options for your dogs health, click on "Join and Save", then "Wholesale Customer". 

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Remember when thinking about going back to nature, we need to forget some things society tries to brainwash us this case, with using essential oils, remember less is always more and in almost all situations I use only "1" drop.

Please stay tuned for more on this in my next blog as we unfold the beauty of how each healthy choice leads us to the next, and in my case, the amazing work with animal communications. You my friend are worth it and so are your fur babies. 

Until next time, please contact me with questions, as I want you to experience all that nature has shown me through essential oils and more in the last several years. 

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And remember to listen, then listen more. Feel free to message me with what you hear. Your fur babies are waiting. More coming soon! I promise.

Hand to paw,