It May Be Time To Rewire Our Beliefs

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I read a message from an editor of a magazine that I read monthly, "Dogs Naturally."

After reading this two column article, I moved on, but my thoughts kept going back to that article.  

My belief is that right now, it is a very good thing animals are excellent at patience and pure love. 

The article in the magazine is about dog breeders, rescues and shelters. It was also about us, humans.

I am always telling my clients, our animals are trying really hard to help us grow and work through our blocks, fears and limitations we put upon ourselves. The thing is, most humans refuse to listen. I am hoping we will all start to work together now for their sake.

So, here is the question, is it time to rewire our beliefs? 

Are you one who before purchasing or adopting a new furry best friend, takes the time to research the breeder, and why they do what they do? Do you understand that often the purchase amount is a larger number because of the health care and diet the Mom, dad and babies received? If you haven't before, I hope you will consider this now.

Lets get back to the message I read and reread. Apparently, I had a belief and did not realize that it was so damaging. I admit, I lost sight. Eeks!!!! Eye opening moment.

This is why we need reminders to rewire, to remember there is always more then one way, and to open up our minds. We must work together and think outside the box.

Do you get a sour feeling in your stomach when you think about breeders because there are so many animals, dogs, cats, rabbits etc, in shelters and rescues right now? Do you believe we need to only rescue these animals? Do you think about the fact that there are two types of breeders?

Are we, agreeably purchasing backyard breeders puppies and paying money for the dogs because we want them out of their current "situation"?

Are we allowing shelters and rescues to constantly accept young and old animals, that humans do not want anymore, or can not afford to keep due to the vast array of health issues these animals have, likely because of not receiving the proper medical care from those humans who solely breed for cash?

Rescues and shelters in my "opinion" are stuck in this vicious cycle and are unable to stop the humans who are giving up their pets.

Maybe, just maybe, if we all support the breeders who are breeding for the purpose of health and well being, for the breed, things will slowly start to change. If we support those who are breeding because they believe the animals are life long family members, we will again have healthy and wanted animals in our world.

I do not know how to change the number of animals in rescues and shelters right now, or how to control the illnesses, but I know there are more and more animals who are being placed in shelters and rescues at alarming rates.

Where does the breeding being done by humans who are solely bringing puppies and kittens, rabbits and other animals into the world for the one reason of profit, end? 

Are we making the problem worse by not only purchasing from these humans who are not giving the needed healthcare to the moms, dads and babies, but also from adopting when these same animals end up in rescues and shelters? 

Is this what we want to do? We seem to be in a vicious cycle and I like you, want to open a animal refuge and take them all to live out their lives happy and loved. Reality check. 

Solution? I do not think there is one in our immediate future, but I do believe there are still amazing humans out there that are viewing animals as life long companions. They are working with holistic and traditional veterinarians together, to have healthier animals, to stop blame and the biggest of them all, to understand that we are not the superior being. 

What do you think? 

I hope you will think about this because it is on my mind daily. 

This is a subject we need to continue talking about. We need to decide which direction to go. 

We need to work together with open minds, and start to get back to healthier dogs, where the pet parents purchase their furry best friends for life. 

What is our goal? We can stop the madness and we can think outside the box, but we need to do it together. We need to somehow stop those humans who are bringing animals into the world out of greed. 

So much more to say, but instead I want to leave today with this.

Please think about it before you purchase or adopt. Please talk with your veterinarians and those that run rescues. 

Every single human I know in these roles, I believe, want exactly what we want, love, respect, kindness and treating each other with a connection of pure compassion.  

This post has been written out of love and an awareness. Remember you and me and them together will cause an effect that will make a positive ripple. 

Until next time, hand to paw,