Incredible Places

Hello everyone,

Our world truly is full of beauty. However sadly, a lot of people are living with so much busyness, they are missing the places that are so incredible.  

When you take the time to sit and reflect, you will find the key moments in your life where a shift took place, you truly see more of the incredible places you have been and are now moving towards. You start to automatically feel more during your day.

Almost every day I think about my incredible places and even the support beams we put in our home that turned into our "wall." That wall has become a room that is one of my incredible places. 

I think about how that wall opened so many doors for us, and I want you and your fur babies to have doors opening for you too. 

Today, as promised, in just a moment, I will share the story of the first animal I communicated with since beginning my animal communication certification class a few months ago. 

First, I want each of you to please think today about the incredible places in your life. 

These places may be your childhood home, a playground, near a lake or while you were above the land in an airplane. Maybe your incredible places are a combination of all these and more. 

As you think of them, I urge you, to write them down on paper. If you are out and about, put a reminder on your phone as you think of them. 

Maybe, as you go about your day, you will walk into a library or a store, or even your home and have a wow moment. 

When we are conscious of our thoughts and living in this very moment, we are much more likely to truly see what is around us and feel the energy that is us. 

I talk about living in the moment and our incredible places, because we need to work on ourselves and our own personal thoughts and feelings, so that we can communicate properly not only with other humans but with our animals too.

If right now your mind is full of unhappiness and stress, I ask you to take a deep breath and slow life down. Drop your shoulders, relax your muscles throughout your body, and plant your feet firmly on the floor or ground and simply relax. 

Feel the energy come to you and go into your body. Quiet your mind, all that stuff will be there later to sort through, and again, be quiet in the moment.

There, now you can hear more of what is in you and around you. Right?

Now I will share my first story...

My very first conversation with my friend, mentor and teacher was on a day during the week where I was home alone and was so excited that I had this opportunity of a life time with her guidance to talk with animals.  We started talking and she had me jump right in and say hello to a dog named Tigger.

Now, you may or may not believe me right now, and that is ok, because as we talk more and I begin holding personal conversations with you on the phone, through email and in person, I believe you will begin to feel the healing, awakening mindset, that will show you the place of complete love and communication. (Isn't that what this world needs more of?)

So I said, "Hello Tigger." 

(Now I had never met this dog and had no idea where he lived or what his life was like.) 

Before the words, "Hello Tigger," were out of my mouth, I had a vision of a happy, excited dog who then said hello to me while having a very hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth. 

After a few moments, I explained to my teacher, I was concerned with why I was seeing Tigger having such a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth. She was silent for a few moments, and it was also silent here in my shop, then she spoke and told me this.....

Tigger is a retired greyhound, and he is now a very happy dog. He had just had oral surgery to remove all of his teeth, and  he literally could not keep his tongue in his mouth. He was learning right then how to regain that control since the surgery.

Now, my heart skips a beat, this is so incredible and I still get goosebumps thinking about this experience. I feel the healing and wisdom that was shared with me. I feel love. I feel pure love that Tigger chose to speak with me and shared his life with me in that moment.

I will never forget this conversation. And I hope with all my heart, you feel the love as well. 

I will leave you here and ask you you believe we can and do talk with the animals? 

Please stay tuned for many more posts about my work and this journey through, personal development, holistic living, research, reading, amazing people and, of course, mostly the animals in our lives. I want you to feel the energy and learn with me.

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Feel free to comment below and to private message me at any time. Please keep all comments kind. 

Life is fabulous. We can slow down. We can again become a world of love. And we can talk with the animals. 

My goal and plan is to help animals live healthier, longer right beside us humans. 

Until next time, hand to paw,