Unfolding The Beauty

Hello everyone,

As you are reading, are you enjoying this amazing moment in your life with your fur babies? I truly hope so. 

My heart has definitely led me to share with you all the wonder and beauty that is unfolding around me.

In my last post, I talked about how I have never been without a pet in my life.  I wonder if this is because the universe was trying to keep me on my path to find my purpose, as I have always been able to communicate with animals and nature.

The big issue has been that I didn't realize what I was doing, nor what it meant. Until now.  

It is so very powerful when we take the time to sit down and quiet our minds, and see very clearly all the moments shaping us and guiding us on this life journey. 

During my childhood, I just understood that they were part of my journey and my true friends. I never took the animals for granted and we gave each other love and protection.  

As an adult, Iooking back, I have no idea how I started thinking about becoming a pet groomer or how I even found out about the pet grooming school. I was a mom to two very young boys at the time, and what prompted me to research this and then after somehow finding the money for the program, while also driving over sixty miles a day to attend for months......is powerful energy. The universe gave me the strength to go and I loved every single moment.

I did not realize at the time, or even over the next twenty years, this was leading me towards showing me (and sometimes hitting me with a brick or ten) how I am able to communicate with animals and nature.

Do you ever sit down and think back about defining moments in your life?  If you need that imaginary brick to hit you, please take this, right now, as your reminder to think about where those moments are leading you. 

I think the next defining moment for me, was after I had owned my own grooming shop for almost a decade and then moved away where life gave me lots of twists and turns, that eventually it brought me to the moment I talked about in my last post. Going to the essential oils class on that extremely frigid January day.

I met the people who are still a huge part of my life on that day, and through using doTerra essential oils and the friendships I made, that moment has been guiding me on.

Please take the time to stop making any excuses and reach out to awaken your defining moments. They are powerful and beautiful. Your own purpose is waiting for you.

My last defining moment, well the most recent one that I know, was when we found out that we needed to put support beams in our basement at our new home. At first I was so not happy, but then.....as the support was going up, the universe hit me with another brick. 

This one was with the vision to turn those supports into a wall. A wall with a door that would become a room full of love, respect and joy for all, as I started to pet groom again for family and friends.

Spending this time again, one on one with my favorite creatures, gave me the next defining moment in my life, (insert another brick) and I started looking on line for books and was led to an amazing human, who is gentle and beautiful inside and out. 

Our conversation has led me to this incredible place in my life and another question for you.

Do you believe your fur babies have things they want you to know? Do you believe that we can communicate? 

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Until next time, live in this precious moment.

Hand to paw,


“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” Orhan Pamuk