Are you Listening?

Can you hear the animals? Or is your mind to cluttered with disbelief? 

It has taken me some time to absorb and be able to put into words and actions what has been a huge part of my life. I have kept it to myself way too long, and it is time to start sharing and growing this part of my world with you.

I used a cluttered mind as a way to not stop and truly seize the enormousness of the voices and visuals I was hearing and seeing almost every day.

Yes, you read that correctly......the voices and visuals. 

I am not crazy. I am learning who I truly am. Because of my mentors and teachers, I am seeing and allowing my passions and truths to become real and to know I must share them. I must allow the growth and the beauty of the love around me.

Love is the true power that brings everything together with energy. Belief and trust keep it together, then with awareness it all unfolds. Look around you right now, feel the energy, feel the love.

Our egos get in our way and we worry way to much what others will think. We worry about their opinions and we worry if we will get it right.

Today I ask you, to take a few moments and listen. Do you hear the humm of your computer? Do you hear the noise of a television? Your dogs toenails as they walk across the floor? Maybe you hear the birds singing, a dog barking or an airplane flying overhead?

Listen. Be aware. Feel inspired. 

I am inspired every second of every day to become the best animal communicator I can be. Sharing the unconditional love and openness of the hearts of animals with humans is the most important thing I will ever do. (other than raising my human children)

Recently, during a call, my teacher asked me to say hello to a dog named Tigger. I have never met Tigger and do not know where he lives. I did not know his breed or anything about him. 

But I closed my eyes, relaxed my shoulders, and focused. I said, "Hello Tigger.” I immediately received a "hello" back. The visual was there almost as quick as the hello, and I could feel the emotions of a very happy dog and could see his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Although, I did not know what breed Tigger was, I felt that he was a medium dog with a lot of energy.

So I told my teacher what I heard and saw. She told me that was “very interesting.” 

See, Tigger is a retired Greyhound, (they have a lot of energy), and he just had to have all his teeth removed. (Hence, the tongue not able to stay in his mouth).

Coincidence? What do you think. 

I have since reached out and spoken with many other dogs, cats and even a dolphin. 

Do you believe that all species can communicate with each other, but humans can only communicate with other humans? 

I believe, we used to all be so much more connected, then we as a culture, started living a much more fast paced life. We have started competition at its worst. Society here in the United States is angry and opinionated to, what I believe, is a major breaking point. We, humans are in trouble. 

Recently, I read a post on social media where someone was off on a trip. They said in their post that "they were having a blast"......and they wondered "what all the people who had said no to them about joining their business, was doing in that moment."

After reading this post, I stopped for a minute and shook my head. I believe this is all ego talking. Do they think their life, in the moment, is better than the person or people who have said no to doing what they do? Are they listening?  

I hope this makes you think, because I knew I did not want to be where they were in the picture when they put the post on social media. I knew I was happy and content right where I was in that moment.

I realize more every single day, that we do not need lots of money, and lavish trips. We do not need to show our success or failure on social media to be better than or complete.

Life is about so incredibly much more!!!!! Life is perfect. You are perfect. You are amazing.

There is nothing better than being uniquely you. Look around you again and see the wonder of everyday life. Feel with me, calm and fulfilled. 

If you are at work, at home with your children, walking on the city streets, or sitting by your computer in your sweatpants, you are perfectly you.

Let your uniqueness shine. Put your ego to bed, because what others think or want from you is their ego talking and we do not need that in our lives.

The more of us that start realizing we are successful no matter where we are and help others realize this too, will start to see our communities, our cities, our states and our country become filled with unconditional love. The animals in our lives will help us. 

ALOL hand to paw.JPG


It starts with us.

Share your uniqueness with someone today.

Until next time, hand to paw,