What Do You Notice First?

Hello everyone!  Today has been all about communication and as I read and listen, I start to wonder.....

What do you notice first? 

When you walk into a room or answer the phone what is your first reaction to the other person? Do you immediately have a sense of how you will communicate with them?

Are you someone who watches and listens for body language, tone of voice and eye contact? Do you see someone sitting up tall or slouching with their eyes cast down? Do you really listen to their voice and if it trembles with excitement or fear? Do you look people in the eye when you talk to them? What do you see?

I am learning that many people do not even think about these things. Humans seem to be in too much of a hurry to stop and think about it.  It truly makes me wonder what has happened? Just maybe, if all humans slow down during their day and watch and listen more, we would all live in a much happier society. Just maybe?....

So what about animals? Do you think they are watching and using body language, tone of voice, and eye contact? Ummm, yeah. Yes, yes they are.

Animals communicate in so many ways with each other and with us, for instance, dogs wag their tails and bark in different tones, cats rub on you to mark you as their own, dolphins slap their tail on the water, and others like fireflies and peacocks use bioluminescence, which is scent marking; chemical or tactile cues; visual signals and postural gestures. 

How about peepers, a small North American tree frog, the males of which sing in early spring. Honestly, I would say they scream, as we live near a pond in the country. They are using their communication skills every night here in Maine. Have you heard them? Do you think it's just noise or do you really hear them? Maybe you should change the way you listen. It's all about perspective. Right?

So with animals using communication constantly among themselves and with us, what are we, the humans missing?

My thoughts are that we are missing a lot! Life is so short fellow humans, let's get ourselves back on the right tracks heading towards respect and understanding.

Today I ask that you think about what you can personally do right now and the rest of this fabulous week to communicate better. Think about how many lives we can touch in a positive way.

Here is a list of some things to think about.

1) Get up 15 minutes earlier then usual to stretch and become aware. 

2) Speak with your furry best friends as if you are talking with another "human" in your life. I know many of you already do this, but do you wait for their answers?

3) Listen. Really listen. Hear the leaves rustling in the breeze, the mosquito buzzing, the water brushing against the shore. Hear the dog barking, the cat purring, the birds song. Hear your partners words, your children's stories. Listen.

4) Walk a bit slower and watch the birds, the clouds in the sky, the colors of everything in your world. What do you see in the clouds? This is something I have done since I was a child. There is always something or someone fabulous floating by. Smile.

5) Feel it. Feel the energy that is around you. Let yourself feel sad, happy, content......Actually stop and think about how you feel. Allow the feeling and the energy it creates.  

In this world, if we are going to make a difference, and we need to start now,  we need to really get back on track of a lifestyle that includes listening and watching animals and nature. We need to take cues from the animals to feel pure joy and be completely happy in this moment, because all we have is this very moment.

Money, status, and objects are just not important compared to how we treat others in our daily activities. 

I hope you will begin a journey of listening more to the wisdom of the animals and nature. I am living proof that it will change your life.

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Until next time, hand to paw,