Love Is Powerful

Being the first day of a brand new month where everything is beginning to grow, and in celebration of our fur baby Haley's sixth birthday, I have decided today is the most perfect day to share with you the way the path is leading me.

As most of you know, I am a complete animal lover. All animals are special and unique and bring beauty and hope to us all. They have so much to share and love to give.

As many of you know, I have been a pet groomer for almost twenty years and although I had life happen, and did not groom for a time, I am back with my own space again sharing the communication and respect individually. I am so blessed to have this connection.

As a few of you know, our journey has brought us to live in the country where I never thought I would be. Yet, here is our home, just a short drive to the airport and shopping, quietly enveloped in the loving arms of nature.

This past week we have seen wood peckers, tree frogs, peepers, coyotes, deer, muskrats, Canadian geese, rabbits, a snapping turtle, some turkeys, hawks, a bald eagle, and all sorts of birds singing, sharing their stories all from our windows and back yard.

Seeing all of these amazing living beings makes me stop and pause. Have you ever wondered about the communication between them all?

Have you ever wondered why humans only stop to talk with other humans, yet nature and animals all talk together?

My question for you is this. Do you believe we can have conversations with animals and nature? Do you believe if we ask a question they will answer? Will you hear them?

For years, I have been communicating with dogs, and several times have lost all track of time when we are in this incredible space of understanding and respect.

Recently, while reading a fabulous book, “Quiet”, it gave me the idea to pause and to go and research more on animal communications and those who talk with the animals.

I found the most amazing author and began my excited research on finding and learning everything about her and what she does. My fingers were flying on my keyboard and my heart was pumping. My stomach was flip flopping as I knew THIS is my path. My journey. My purpose.

We talked on the phone and time stood still. I felt and still feel peace in my heart and a complete longing to learn everything I possibly can.

So with love and full respect, I am beyond humbled and blessed to step forward with her and many others to continue my ability to communicate with animals. I am now a human student to all the animals on a more aware level.

I am a student to learning more about listening and being open to receiving the answer. I will be spending every day of the next year and then the rest of my life, learning, understanding and sharing.

I am continuing my journey as an animal communicator and now with an amazing gentle teacher who will guide me to certification.

Please stay with me here on the blog as this beautiful journey unfolds. I will share my experiences, and all the energy and beauty that the animals and nature share.

I look forward to every second with the dogs I groom because this continued spiritual path is opening even more doors for us. I am looking forward to sharing with their human parents what they tell me.

Today seemed like the right day to share this with you. Please know I do so with fear of human failure, yet with acknowledgment of the power that is around me. There is peace in my heart and excitement in all the energy. Can you feel it?

Think I’m crazy? Or maybe ready to learn and grow with me? I hope you will stick around. This is going to be one freaking unbelievable year and beyond! 

With passion in my heart, until next time, hand to paw,