Laser Focused

Where are your thoughts today? 

Are you laser focused on your goals or are you going from one thought today to another without remembering why you are there? Does your shoulder or knee hurt? Are you experiencing pain anywhere in your body?

It is like when you go into a room for something, but then you stand in the middle of the room and have no idea what you are there for. Or like when you drive home and cannot remember getting from point A to point B. We have all had those moments right?

So today, as I sat down to write, I realized I've been doing pretty well recently with living in the moment and remembering my day. Life has been hectic and unpredictable yet, I remember all of it, well, except that one time that when I got out of the shower, I had no idea if I washed my hair or not. I still can't remember that one.

As I was thinking about writing today, my thoughts really lead me to how we focus on our world. How we remember everything we need to do and if at least part of our focus depends on our energy and how we are feeling each day.

I believe it is the same for our canine pals. Seriously, I know you are thinking, that I'm crazy and our dogs don't need to focus to lay on the couch all day.....but think about when we give them the ability to go outside and run and play and sniff literally everything.  You already know their senses are so incredibly better then ours. When they are out, they are focusing their attention on what they are doing. They are smelling so many different smells all at the same time,  I believe we have no concept of their complete abilities.

When they catch a ball, have you stopped to notice how fabulously agile and accurate they are on their timing and their landing? They are definitely laser focused. 

So what can we do to help ourselves and our furry best friends? 

For my family, we have started taking supplements. Not just any supplement but supplements that have been third party tested and clinically studied to validate that they reduce "oxidative stress" in our bodies. They have over 20 studies being done and they are on Just go to the website and type in Lifevantage to see them.* 

Just make sure to not be confused, we humans take the human supplement and are really, truly happy that there is also a dog supplement that is formulated just for them.

Backing up for a minute, did you just wonder what oxidative stress is? 

Oxidative stress is, well, it is like looking at our bodies rusting from the inside out. As we age, our joints, brain, heart, eyes, you know all the good stuff starts to have wear and tear and stress which causes more Oxidative stress then our bodies can handle and is what causes inflammation. Some causes of adding oxidative stress to our bodies include, the foods we eat, our environment, pollution, chemicals and list goes on to even include to a point, exercise.

Inflammation is such an ugly word. Inflammation is the culprit of disease. Did you know that when you or a loved one goes to the doctors and you come out with a diagnosis that ends in the letters itis, it is some form of inflammation. So what does the doctor almost always do? He treats the "symptoms". This is when my shoulders deeply sag,  because we need to be looking at and taking care of our bodies at the root cause, not the symptoms.

Do you ask your doctor or veterinarian why? Do you go home and look up the symptoms? Do you look up the medications they gave you to treat them? Please do not even ask me about side effects of these medicines that treat the symptoms without ever getting to the root cause. 

We need to stop following society like we are being herded in one direction, and we need to turn to get to the root cause of problems in our bodies and our dogs too!

So we need to look cellular. We need to reduce that oxidative stress. We need to take care of ourselves. You matter. Yes, you matter. You deserve to feel good every single day.

Where can we turn? There are so many supplements on the market today that if we start looking at them all, our heads may explode. 

For us, and this is my experience and my opinion, we do not even look at ones sold at big box stores, because for the most part they are full of fillers. 

We can narrow it down to a hand full when we look up the ingredients, and then I narrowed it down to "2". Yup, "2". 

One for us humans and one for our canine companions.

If you are interested in seeing how nutrigenomics, a pretty big word but amazing definition, can go to work for you and your dog......then please, and I repeat please Click here     to learn a bit about oxidative stress and then click here to see how this supplement, Canine Health can change your pets life. Literally.

I will also share how it can change your life, but come on guys you know I'm going to take care of your furry best friend first. It's just who I am. And I know you love me for it. haha

Ok so here it is the link that will quite possibly change your life too! Please CLICK HERE it is going to take you to our page, it is  where you can begin to read about and see a new way of living and believing. It is working for Mike and me, and our labs Haley and Zoey and we want to help YOU and your canines babies too! 

Reach out!! The time is NOW! You have nothing to lose and you have so incredibly much to gain. Let's do it together. Ready? Have you clicked on the links yet? Become laser focused on your health with us today.

Until next time. Hand to paw,


PS: Still not sure? Here is a bit more information for you!

Remember you are beautiful! And your dogs well they are the reason we know life is worth every step.