Definition.....the quality of being authentic. Being real. 

Will you think about this with me? It seems we are getting further and further away from living an authentic life. Do you agree?

Most are eager to please others but are looking to receive something back for their words, gifts or actions. 

What would happen if we truly expected nothing back in return? Would we speak differently? Would we treat others differently? Would our tone of voice lose the edge? You have heard it and have likely used it. That tone in your voice that makes the other person know the direction of your energy.

I think about animals and how they are so completely authentic. There are dozens and dozens of books that you can purchase, blog article after blog article, and magazines too that share research and opinion on our furry best friends. The why, the how and more.

I have to say, I have read most of them and will continue to receive a more rounded understanding of the way the animals in our world think and participate, because I want to be more like them!

For decades now, I have either worked as a professional pet groomer or volunteered with animal based organizations. I have pets in my home and they sleep on my bed.

Every day of my life is in some way focused on animals and nature. The tree frogs and peepers are singing about spring!! The coyotes are on the move and the deer are loving the new green grass. 

I know I love spending time surrounded by animals because they do not say things that are hurtful, self centered, or out of fear, guilt or anger. They just want to love you.

Have you sat recently with your dog or cat, maybe your horse, goat or rabbit and realized how much peace you felt? How the energy around you was relaxing and healing. How you are always smiling when in the company of animals?

Dogs have the same structures in their brain that produce emotions in humans, and the same structures that produce chemical changes and the same hormones as us. So are dogs empathetic? I sure think so.

They live like children at the age of three to six. They are full of wonder, tenderness and fun. They sometimes argue with their canine or feline brothers and sisters, but within minutes forget about the confrontation completely and go back to a loving relationship. Always.

Animals do not hold grudges. Ever. They do not try to be better then another and they do not look for something in return for their support and love they give each other or us humans. They take care of each other, look out for each other, protect and love one another. It is one hell of a concept that humans need to experience. How many people do you know in your life right now that are manipulators? I am not saying to be their friend, I am saying to send them compassion and hope they receive the energy to help them be able to become the person the universe wants them to be.

Sadly, many will say to me, "oh it's just a dog," or "it's just a cat." 

Deep sign here because it is not just anything. We are all living, breathing life forms and we all are energy and light. That dog or cat sitting at your feet can teach many humans so much about slowing down life and living in the moment. They can teach humans how to hold their tongue and not look for something in return for their loyality and friendship.

Ok, so yes, you got me, this week I have been having an internal arguement with myself over where I want to head in business. I have been watching, listening and feeling words spoken, comments made and the energy produced. Is life about personal gain? I'm not so sure.

I am a huge believer in living authentically. Every day of my life, I am going to be truly honest and real. I am going to love with my entire being. I will share that power with others and it is because of the animals I have had conversations with. 

Sadly, in this world we have to make a living in order to survive. Money is the root of all evil. I try sometimes to sit and imagine my life without money, bills or too many things. I can see in my mind perhaps a tiny house on acreage. I see simplicity and lots of animals. Lots and lots of animals.

Right now, if you did not have to worry about money, where would you be? Who would you be? Would you be kinder, more gentle, show more love and compassion? Would you sell your big house or fancy car? Would you, like me live in a small town (however not too far from things) and live simply? Or if money were not an issue, would you move into a huge fancy mansion with a pool in the backyard and a butler at your door?  Would you buy a Land Rover and hire a driver? Have fancy china in the cupboard?

Seriously though, I hope today you will think long and hard about the animals and how they do not have an ego. How they are compassionate all the time. 

I hope you will think about what you can do to live more peacefully in your own life and experience giving love without expecting anything in return. Take money and gain out of the equation in your personal and professional life. See what happens. Big life changes are waiting for you! Fear starts to disappear. 

Be authentic. Be real. Let your energy flow forward to others in a way that shows them all is good. We need this in our world for you, me, the man down the street, the banker in New York, the new Mom, the Dad, our friends from other states and countries. Just think what will happen.

Let's share what the animals are showing us. Let's be aware and fulfilled. If you feel you will do this please click like here and leave a comment and come over to our Facebook Page and share your story or thoughts with us! 

Love is powerful. Ego is not. Just ask your dog. 

Until next time, hand to paw,