Raise Your Light

Today with thanks to all the animals, we are going to raise our light!

I ask you to please take a moment and join us as we focus on our breath. Feel it? Your breath and mine are the same. One breath at a time. We raise our light together. Today we are living intentionally and animals give me awareness for that intention. 

This morning I started out my day on social media and scrolled along my newsfeed for way too long. I think it was like five minutes, but as you know that can be too long. I realized what I read there has helped me to write this post. 

We, you and me, are here together, a community of animal loving, connected humans who shine our light together. We all breath the same way, with the same air and we build our moments one grateful breath at a time.

So as I sit with my dogs and cats beside me this rainy morning...here is Mr. Merlin....

I know my life is not better or worse then anothers. We all have different experiences and that means to me, when we put our different experiences together we become better. 

Do you believe that animals communicate with us?

They do.

Do you believe that you are better then another living breathing creature?

Guess what? You are not.

It does not matter what you do each day of your life in means of work or play. It does not matter your education, bank account or the car you drive. You are not better then another, you are...you. We raise our light and smile. 

Our whole world needs to get back up on our feet and remind each other of our power that is to bring each other together and lift one another.

Being a pet groomer and researching every day about and for animals has been the best experiences in the world for me personally, because it is all about love and light.

I have a very dear friend who always signs cards and messages with the words love and light. She is an animal lover too and feels the energy created when we are all one. It gives me goosebumps to stop and think about all of us, all around this world, mammals who breath the same air and create this energy. It is like our own secret language. We need to share it!!

Stop for a moment and close your eyes with me.........breathe in and out and feel that connection. With it, we can live our purpose through our mission. We will never be alone.

No matter what is happening in your world today, know that there are others all around you that you likely have never met, but that support you!.

Today, I am not grooming dogs and it is a rainy gloomy day here in Maine. My shoulder is not at it's best and I miss my husband who is away for work. Yet, I am so incredibly thankful for each of you who reads my blog. I wonder if your dog or cat is laying beside you as you are reading right now? Do you have your hand gently laying upon their head, or are you scratching behind their ear? That feeling, that vision, it gives me proof that this world is still a happy place. 

So today and tomorrow, and all days after, I ask you to raise your light a little higher. To help those who may not know they are looking for a place of equality. As we raise our light, I believe we will help others find answers to questions and problems they have in their world. We can begin to share the secret language that our fur friends are teaching us on purpose. 

We truly define each moment by what we personally are commited to care about. 

Let's share that. Let's share with each other and the animals, gratitude. Our animals feel it and if we give little bites of that gratitude to those humans who do not realize they are searching, we will start to become more connected. Life feels better. We work better and can experience fun again.

"I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks." Shakespeare.

Until next time, lets all join together hand to paw,