Questions For Your Pet's Groomer

Today as spring is blooming, you may be thinking about scheduling a spring bath and trim appointment for your dog or cat with your groomer. Maybe you are thinking about changing groomers and going somewhere new. Whatever your needs are for your fur babies please read this.

This post is all about what to ask when you search for and call, even if you have been there before some of these questions you will want answers to.

Are you unsure where you want your fur babies to go? Are you concerned about leaving them with someone for two hours or more without you there?

Here are some questions to keep and ask groomers before you schedule that appointment.

First, ask if they have completed a training certification class and if so do they have a certificate showing they graduated? You may want to ask where they received this certification.

Your pets matter! So here are more questions they want you to ask on their behalf...

How long have you been a groomer?

Do you have references and/or pictures of dogs and cats you have groomed for me to see?

Are you comfortable grooming and being around the breed or mix breed of dog or cat that I have?

What does a full groom include? (this should be everything including, bath, full clip or trim, checking anal glands if needed, ear cleaning, toenails and any other need your pet has).

Ask if there are extra charges for some of the above services or if they are included in the quote. Many will tack on extra charges when you pick up your fur baby and it is best to know before you even arrive if possible.

How many other pets will be there while mine are with you? (many groomers will have several dogs there all day, so make sure to ask, especially if your dog does not like a lot of noise, other dogs or you do not want them put in a crate while others are being groomed).

Another great question if your pet has any or has ever experienced skin irritations or allergies would be, what types of products do you use? Products like, shampoos, conditioners, cologne. I personally prefer essential oil based products and cologne only on bandanas so that it can be removed if the smell bothers the dog or their human.

You can even ask a few personal questions. Questions that help you decide if this groomer is the right fit for you. You should always feel like you can talk with your groomer, because like you, we are all animal loving humans and we understand your concerns.

Now, I need to add to this….after the appointment and you are there to pick up your fur baby, please, please, please be honest with your groomer! If you do not like the way they scissored the hair on your dogs face or you wish the fur length on the body was longer or shorter, speak up and tell us! We need and we definitely want to know.

You will not hurt our feelings. We want you to be happy and we will make a note in their chart so that next time we will make the changes that you want. Because this is a team effort and in the end, when we all work together, our pets are happy and feel good and so do we, the humans.

Hand to paw.


PS: As a part time groomer that received her grooming certificate in 1999, these are my personal thoughts and beliefs. I am not in any way trying to speak for others in my profession, but feel this is a general consensus among many.