You Want To Know

Hello from my home to yours!

Today I want to talk about our pets in a way that is fun and maybe be able to answer a few questions you always wondered about. Today is Friday fun day on the blog!

We will start with, do you know your dog yawns for a reason that has nothing to do with feeling tired?

When a dog yawns, it is a type of body language where they are saying, "I want to avoid conflict." It is their way of saying they feel anxious, but do not want to be aggressive. An anxious dog will also often show the whites of their eyes more, and this is called, whale eye. 

Have you heard of whale eye? It is not something I would think was canine related, but as dog trainers describe it, it is a body language where the whites of the eyes are clearly visible. Whale eye means, the dog is feeling anxious and uncomfortable about something. They may be showing other signs of stress, like their hair may be standing up on their back, or they may start to growl. 

Research shows when you see the whale eye, especially when you also see other signs of stress, the dog is hoping you, their human, will notice and help them by removing the stressor. We need to be paying attention.

Second, do you know why your dog snores?

It seems funny right, to walk into a room and hear your dog snoring away? 

Here is a few reasons you should stop and take note,

There could be an obstruction. Something stuck in their throat, like a piece of a toy or a small piece of a stick. If you think this is the cause, please call your vet immediately.

Then of course, some breeds are just natural snorers. They have such short little noses they are prone to snoring. If you are the proud pet parent to a pug, Boston terrier and of couse, the beloved bulldog this 'could be' normal.

Allergies. Yup, our furry best friends can get allergies just like us humans. They can become allergic to dust, pollen, purfume and like us, it leads to airway constriction. 

The one we seem to be struggling with in this house is, obesity. At least our Zoey is dealing with this and I believe allergies as well. When our fur babies pack on extra weight, like us, it can cause issues with breathing. Spring is coming so make sure if this could be a problem, get outside this spring with us and go for a walk, play ball and lose some of that extra around the waist.

Dental problems can also be the cause of snoring. Keep an eye on your pets teeth and make sure to have your vet look inside their mouth during their annual exam.

Remember, if you or a family member smokes, your dog can also suffer from secondhand smoke. It can lead to asthma, bronchitis and of course, snoring. My hope for you, is that you will quit for you.

The best way to be entertained, is when your dog is snoring due to their choice of sleeping position. Does your dog lay upside down? Does he kick one foot out and twist his head off to the side? How about those dogs that fall asleep with their heads hanging off the side of furniture? Too funny right? 

Here is on of our girls and she always snores in this position...

Our sweet black lab, Zoey.

Our sweet black lab, Zoey.

So now, I want to add a bit about cats, because we love them too!! 

Our cats yawn too! Have you watched your cat yawn and realized you have no idea how they can possibly open their mouth THAT wide? I mean seriously, my mouth does not open half as wide as a cat when I yawn. Go ahead, try!

They say, a cat yawns about 109,500 times in their life. Wow. But, why?

There are theories and here are a few.

Your cat may have low oxygen in their blood and and yawning causes them, like us, to take a deep breath. 

They may often yawn due to boredom so try to keep toys in your home just for them, and realize they like to stay busy and learn just like us humans.

Do your know, cats can be housetrained in an instant with a proper literbox because.....of instinct. Yup, they do not need to be trained to use a literbox. They just know.

Do you know dogs have 42 teeth, while cats have only 30? Cats teeth are razor sharp and go deep. If they are an outside cat (which I hope your cats are inside fur babies) their mouth can be full of extra bacteria from hunting. Please head to your emergency room if you get bite by a cat. 

Do you know a dogs memory is said to be about 5 minutes long? Yes, 5 minutes. This is why when you reprimand a dog for doing something you are unhappy with, they have no idea why. Catch them in the act or please move on. Remember they love you unconditionally. I know, I'm talking about dogs in the cat part of this blog post but there is a reason......look next at how long a cats memory is....this can explain a lot that happens in our homes.

A cats memory however.....well, they are estimated to have a memory of up to 16 hours. Yup, they may not forget as quickly that they climbed up your curtains or peed on your floor. Please note this when you get home and they are giving you the "cat look".

When your cat meows, they are trying to communicate primarily with their humans. Meows are mostly demands. Your cat is saying, feed me, pet me, pay attention to me. NOW!

When cats communicate with other cats, they use other forms of vocalization, like growling, a low purring like sound and the physical conversations which involve ears back, toenails out and then....the fast slap across the other cats face. Our three love this idea for taking the best spot for a nap on a sunny day.

So with this post today coming to a close, I ask you, to please be living in the moment and present in your furbabies lives. They DO communicate with us and want us to take notice.

Until next time when we will be going all healthy on you, have a beautiful  day! Remember to bark less and purr more.

Hand to paw,