Experience Everything

Hello everyone!

As I continue to realize just how much I want and need to share all the animal love, grace and inspiration with you all, I seem to have all this content popping into my head. So, you will see me now, sending out more animal wisdom into our world. 

In my last blog post, we talked about natural ways to prevent ticks on our pets and I forgot one fabulous way to help us that is so simple that you will say, why didn't I think of that? You may already have a lint roller by your door. Yup, a sticky tape lint roller, and when the dogs and cats come inside, gently rub the lint roller over their muzzle, neck and feet, legs and body. My girls, although not thrilled, are very good sports and will stand just inside the door and wait to be rolled down. If there is a loose tick or flea, the lint roller will catch it and they will be stuck. Then you get to squish that bug! I wonder who thought of this? It was not me, I admit it, I recently read about it on a couple of different blogs. I wonder which dog told their owner?

On to other topics of the day....

In the process of really learning more about myself, I have been spending even more time then usual talking with animals. In my grooming shop, and with my own pets we have conversations. If you have ever communicated with an animal before, you will understand the power of these conversations. I keep a journal and at the end of each week, I read my writings from that week. I think about what it means to share our earth with each of them and all the other animals of our world, and here is my own personal quote from this past week,

"Follow your heart and your nose, be fearless, bask in the sun and roll in the snow, play, and always purr more and bark less."

Living where we are surrounded by nature reminds me of how connected we are. I feel, that to create a brighter world we need to be present and speak with the animals. 

What does our dogs do when we say, "let's go out to play," they get crazy excited and bolt to the door.  I was such a comfort zone kinda girl, but not so much any more. 

Grooming again has brought back the fire in me, and if you are still reading this, you are either looking for that or have that fire too. It is so much fun to get out and and connect with everything and everyone. Take a moment and think about a dogs sense of smell. Everywhere they go, they are sniffing and smelling and letting it give them pleasure. They enjoy life. 

You have heard the story of the dog time and time again, that runs off and comes back home with a steak or chicken leg in its mouth. He could smell that from miles away and decided it was time to enjoy his get a way. When will you get a way?

When you see a dog get adopted from a rescue or shelter, they often don't look sad and they don't act grumpy because life had given them a lemon, they instead hold their head up high, wag their tail and smile. Yup, that fabulous doggie smile will get you every time! 

Today, I read about an elderly dog that had been in a rescue for a long time and today he was rescued!! He recognized the staff that took care of him with a head turn, and then did not let the door hit him on the tail. That is success. My love goes out to the man who gave him a home.

So today, and tomorrow, and the next day, I hope you will truly talk with your dog or cat. If you truly believe and listen with an open mind, you will feel the conversation. You will feel the possibilities, the ability to experience everything. 

Feel your feet touch the ground, feel your clothing touch your body, see the color and reflections around you, touch your dog or cat with a gentle pat, feel it, listen to them speak, hear the vibrations, because when you do, you will start to see things, see all things clearly.

Right now in this moment do you feel it? That knowledge that animals are connected with us and that when we slow down the need for things, and connect with them and nature, we will have the spirit to physically feel better, to have a positive mindset, to smile, to relax, to be. Be aware. 

That my friends is the moment we truly live. A while ago, I realized just how spirtual I am, and I feel it is from all my time with our furry best friends. So, I hope you will take these words and stop today to talk with an animal. Have a conversation. Feel the energy around you change. If you do it without the expectation of wanting something in return......you may have just turned your life in a direction of starting to experience everything. 

Life is short. Live it. Chase the damn ball. Bark, hold your tail high, lick the bowl and live. Trust your instincts like animals do. YOU are worth it. Believe it and then help another.

Give. Share. Paw it forward. 

These are the words in my head given to me by the dogs I speak with. 

Hand to paw until next time,