One Life. Just One.

One life. We all have one life. 

I am going to live it unapologetically. Have you spent most of your life worried about what others think? The time is now to stop letting other people stop you from doing what makes your soul happy. Their opinion does not matter. Only you can do what you know is right. 

But wait a is always an issue, right? Well, maybe not. If every time we do something we immediately think about the cost or profit then money is an issue. So, what if we change our mindset and instead every time we do something, we think about the effect it will have. 

That one mindset change can actually change your entire life. You will no longer be negative about money and start to see that what we do have is abundance. The abundance to help ourselves and others. When we start to say, "that small token really made a difference" money becomes a blessing. 

I think we can do what makes our soul happy and still financially survive, even grow as time goes on, and have that abundance in our lives every second of every day. 

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." ~ Nora Ephron

With that being said, I have started the research and am finding my way to do what makes my soul happy. I am looking at it as an adventure. Will I make money, probably not, at least not now, but I will make a difference and that is worth billions of dollars. 

Today, as I have just finished shoveling so my dogs could get down the deck stairs safely, I sit now in front of my computer in my fluffy socks with hat hair and hot coffee to share my passions with you. 

This blog is going to the animal kingdom. This blog has now become a part of my soul and I am going to do everything I can to build a following here so that as we grow we can share more with everyone about what is happening with animal rescue, shelters, veterinary care and so much more. 

We will even be reaching out to those who help wild animals and protect the animals we share this great land with. 

We plan to show you ways you can help and that will include ways that the only cost, is a bit of your time. We will show you how to help others become aware of what is happening around us and how they can also share. 

See the ripple forming? The waves are beginning and I have goosebumps. 

If you know of a fabulous organization and you want to share what they do, please let me know. If you love animals, we are so excited to have you here with us. 

Today I will start by saying, there are success stories all around us. Just yesterday the Bangor Humane Society in Maine had ten puppies adopted to loving homes within 45 minutes of opening their doors to the public. That is success. 

Today, I saw a post about a German Shepherd that had been found as a stray and was in extremely sad condition, but a rescue was able to bring him in and get him the care he needed. The picture they shared today was of him looking happy and playing in the snow. That is success.

Recently, I was told by an amazing woman who spends her life helping cats and has a fabulous rescue, that if everyone realized they don't have to give big and just gave what they could, it would be amazing. So I did.  That is success.

Today we start more awareness. Together. 

I'm thrilled to have you on this journey with us. So much is coming so stay tuned. 

Hand to paw,