The Power of the Pivot

Can you feel it? The power of what you truly love pulling you?

Can you feel your pivot foot stuck to the floor and your mind racing to decide how to change the direction without a whistle being blown?

See for years, decades really, I have been lead to believe that great things happen to others. That sometimes success is a bad thing and what I'm doing is "good enough". I really dislike that phrase. 

Finally, yes finally, I'm moving on and seeing my full potential. I realize that only I can make it happen. I smile and I open my heart to vulnerability. I feel excitement. I hear laughter. Finally.

So if you are honest with yourself right now in this moment, what do you desire? What do you want to see happen in your own life? Do you have a vision? Do you see things getting better for you? Do you believe you are your own heroine? Write it down. Make it real.

I have a vision. Fear be damned.

Fear.....yes, I know, I see it too. It lurks over our shoulder and tries to come out and grab at us. It makes our stomach lurch. For so long I have believed that I should play small. But you know what, I'm not going to let fear win this time. I am going to kick fear's butt. Will you decide to join me?

I feel I need to share a little about my past to explain a little more about me. I was always the quiet one in high school. I hated high school for the most part, I did not play sports, was not pretty and did not join groups. Luckily, I enjoyed my business classes and my teachers, they really kept me moving forward until graduation.

Then, instead of going to college, I took a full time job at a local business for average pay. I dated a man that I really did love but we were not in the same place in life. Then, I met my first husband at twenty, and I knew I wanted to feel more and to be included, so I jumped in. I let him be the "leader". In the beginning life was ok, I do not need to go into details, but will say that I believe in being an equal partner in my relationships now. I believe a woman can do anything a man can do, (maybe even better).

Do I regret it now. No. Everything in our lives has happened for a reason. Without each and every experience we would not be who we are today.

I have two amazing adult sons, my oldest is almost twenty-five years old and finishing graduate school. Wow. I have to let that sink in. My point, it does not matter how old we are now or how old our kids are, we can always try something new and go big on our goals.

In the last nine months, I have gone back to my forever passion of working with dogs, however on an extremely part time basis. The first time, I groomed because it was the only thing that was completely mine. My shop was my sanctuary.  Now I groom because I want to, because it is my passion. 

Over the last twenty-five years, I have tried my hand at so many other businesses, I likely can not name them all. Some would call it failure. I now call it, determination. I have searched for something that I love. Although, I have to say, everything I tried in the past was for the wrong reason. Money.

Yup, I was always looking for a business to make money. Think about that for a minute. Has it been tattooed to your brain that the number one reason to have your own business is money?

At this point in my life, I now know that will never work. At least not for me. I am now in business because I love what I do. I have found passion. I have found fun. 

I now have my grooming and a business in fashion. I never saw it coming. I am an independent stylist and help women every day feel empowered. I help animals and I help their human Moms. Two seperate businesses and lots of fun.

I have moved my pivot foot. It is no longer stuck to the floor. My mind is no longer racing and I can speak with the people I want to spend my time with. I can feel fearless. I can touch my future. I can hear positivity. All my senses say I'm home. 

The power of the pivot.

I would absolutely love to connect with you. Please post a comment or send me a message. Reach out on Facebook or even Twitter. Let's find out if our passions are lined up to work together and help each other be the best we can be.

Until next time,