Ways Nature Connects Us

With my passions to devour as much information on organic, natural, healthy food for us and for our furry best friends, I have opened up doors to so much about how nature connects us.

Do you know that many of the veggies we eat are also great for our pets? Do you know that the cycles of the moon can effect us and animals as well? Do you know when we spend time in nature we feel more alive and connected, as do the animals around us?

I get so excited when I think about all the ways we humans and animals are alike! It is a major interest of mine to understand at a deeper level how many ways we are connected. I am usually not one to look at scientific information but this subject is simply fascinating. Is this something that interests you too?

Take food for example. I can go on and on here but will start with, do you think of food as just eating, or do you look at it as real power fuel for our bodies? When we eat things that are natural and not processed and canned, our body can absorb, recognize and use the food to fuel us and that is when we feel our best!!

We need organic fruits and vegetables and so do our pets! There are products on the market today full of super foods! You may have to search a bit but they are there. Ingredients like, sweet potatoes, kale, blueberries & bananas just to name a few.  

Carbohydrates are used in the human body the same way they are in animals. When you feed your children sugar they suddenly jump up and start talking fast and running through the house acting silly, right? Then they crash. BOOM! When we feed our pets food full of carbohydrates the same thing often happens. Our pets will have this nervous energy and in the reading I am doing, I am seeing a direct connection to sugar. So I am changing the treats my five fur babies receive and the food they eat. When I get up in the morning and have breakfast, I have all natural greek yogurt with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas. My dogs get their kibble with a super food seasoning sprinkled on top (message me for more on this) then they also get some of the fresh fruit that I am eating. **Bananas alone are high  fiber and magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. They have natural sugars so go easy, but I share a piece with my dogs every day. 

There is dog food available to us that is full of fresh veggies and fruit and we can read all the ingredients on the bag. No need to Google some of the words to see what they are. My kind of food. But yes, it does cost more then what you buy at the big box stores. To me, it's something we all have to decide, first what is our budget and second, are we comfortable spending a little more? If yes then do it. Better nutrition and foods our pets body recognizes usually means less trips to the vet and ultimately what we are all looking for, a longer, healthier life with our furry best friends!!!! 

So when our bodies receive food that is truly natural and not processed from us, our organs work better. Now think about how our bodies also work better when we are in nature. A walk in the woods, going for a jog, cross country skiing, even sitting in the quiet and listening to the birds around us helps us relax. The same happens with animals. Think about going out for a walk in the woods in the summertime (I'm not a fan of winter so I like to think about summer). You watch the birds and other creatures eating berries, nuts and blossoms off the trees and bushes. Do you ever stop to wonder how they survive so well and look so healthy? How they have been around for hundreds or thousands of years? 

Because they stay away from things that are processed. Their instinct tells them and they do it. Nature is still here for us! All of us!! We have to slow down and start thinking about our health and our pets health. 

Yes, I know, there are so many factors that play into our health. But I believe, first our DNA is a piece of the puzzle and then our environment and lastly our diet. 

DNA, well that is for another blog post on another day, our environment that is the here and now. Are you stressed? If you are your pets feel that same stress. Are you over stimulated with television and computers? Are you constantly on your phone and running to this appointment and that event? After you finish reading this, please turn them off. Say no. Step outside and bring the pups and listen to the silence. 

And finally look at the moon cycles. What do they mean? Do you feel different on different days? Are you nervously bouncing off the walls on the day of a full moon? Energy. We feel it and our pets feel it. As we learn to understand it, we can use it to help us.

I ask you to keep track of how you feel each day. Keep track of what you eat and when you take the time to walk away from the noise and walk into nature. Watch your pets reactions and keep track of how they respond to you. This can be a very interesting study and can help each of us personally feel healthier. 

What do you and your pets have to loose? 

Until next time, smile, pay it forward, chase a stick and have a leash on life.

Hand to paw,




**Source of information, Bark magazine and Bark .com