13 Paws Up Ways To Give Back

We woke up this morning to the wind howling! It immediately reminded me that today is Friday the 13th! I'm excited for the weekend and time to sleep in a bit (that is after one of us gets up to feed our fur babies then comes back to bed).

For now, this weekend looks to have a slower start to our days with coffee, some quiet time, lots of outside play time and of course, some hide and seek and football in the back yard. 

I have never had a fear of Friday the 13th, but it does give me pause to stop and think about the energy of the day and the moments things happen that have no explanation. 

How many times have you walked out to the kitchen after dark to grab a glass of water, or lets be realistic, a late night raid on the chocolate you hid in the draw, and was startled by your dog or cat who was already sitting there as if waiting for you?

How many times have your pets been there for you when you were sad or lonely and they are staring back at you when you did not even know they were in the same room?

Has the perfect puppy, dog or cat been there when you needed them most? 

This Friday the 13th, I ask you to stop for a moment during your busy day and give thanks to your furry friends. I bet if you are home with them and you look up from reading this, they are watching you ready to give you a high five.

Thank you Michael Bernard Beckwith for such amazing advice. 

Thank you Michael Bernard Beckwith for such amazing advice. 

Our pets feed off our energy and give energy back to us. They are the best confidants, friends, doctors, sidekicks, dinner dates, service providers, door bells, walking partners, stare down competitors, cat chasers and bed hogs on the entire planet. Right? You can not find better.

They do all this for us with no judgement, sarcasm, disrespect or any other negative emotion. They do this out of true love. The unconditional love from all of our pets brings tears to my eyes. 

Right now my two labs, my black chunky lab Zoey and my chocolate nervous lab Haley, are watching me. Of course I have salsa and chips close by, but I don't think that is why they are watching me, really. I think they just want to be here, close by. They love me more than the food. Really they do.

I believe to make our life better we can we give them back all they give us every second of every day... Here are the top 13.

1)  Respect.

2)  A gentle touch.

3)  Love.

4)  Friendship.

5)  A healthy diet.

6)  Veterinarian care.

7)  Grooming. (call me!)

8)  Safety.

9)  A place on our bed or at least beside it.

10) Exercise. (when I do yoga, they are always checking to make sure I'm not dying)

11) Play time.

12) Car rides! (time to purchase doggie seat belts, please don't laugh, they save lives)

13) Us. Just time with us. No distractions. No phones. No television. Maybe a snack. Yeah, a snack to share would be great, like blueberries or a banana.

When we give of ourselves to our pets, they give us the opportunities to feel free. To hold a leash on life in our hands. 

When we slow down our lives and look into the eyes of our pets, we see unlimited potential in them and in ourselves. We see passion and we see the opportunity to run, play and be exactly who we are without any thing or any one holding us back!! 

So go......finish reading this first.......then go and spend time with your furry best friends and listen to them. Be silly with them and enjoy every single moment.


Do you feel the blessing of being unconditionally you? I hope so.  

Hand to paw, until next time,