Keep Stepping Forward

Has August flown by for you too? It's ok because it means we are moving forward.  

Do you feel like you are flopping around like a fish out of water, trying so hard to gain control? 

I have been and it was not working out for me, so I'm changing my plan of attack....or better yet, changing my outlook and my mindset.

If you are searching for ways to be happier, more at peace and more ready to take on your day, here are a couple ideas.

First, let go of trying to control the situation. We can't. Did you read that? We can't control the situation. Stop trying. 

Second, keep stepping forward. So many people will have an opinion and a judgement, but a little secret, they don't matter. Only you matter. You are amazing.

Keep stepping out, keep trying new things, keep moving. Our path may lead to many roadblocks, many dead ends and many questions, but I know because I keep stepping forward that no matter how many times we fail, we are working towards our best solutions. We are becoming happier and more relaxed. 

I have quit, walked away, failed and stopped so many times. From work outside the home to working in network marketing. You know what, I'm better then ever. I know what doesn't work and I am still stepping forward. 

I have heard it all, you never stay with anything, you failed, you can't do that, you will never be successful, you need to work for yourself because you are never happy. Have you heard it too?

The thing is, I am happy. I like myself and I know if I keep stepping forward with you, we are moving towards our best life ever. Our best thoughts, fun, job and the list keeps going.

So walk away from the negative and focus directly on stepping forward. No one else has your path and if they are judging you, it is only because your path is moving forward and they are scared they are being left behind. 

I am back working in the corporate, retail world....ughhhh. But by doing this, I am stepping forward, I am learning, growing and believing in myself. I will keep stepping.

You are capable, brave and magnificent. You are. So step forward today. Put on your sneakers and do it. Do what you feel is best for you.

Give yourself a hug and take five minutes to do a daily meditation to help you focus and relax and surround yourself with the positive. Go here to find some amazing ones.

Happy Monday! Hugs to you all. Together we are going to finish 2016 with a huge splash. A splash of color, love, excitement and happiness. Feel it? Perfect. Keep the vision.

Until next time,