Today IS Your Day

Today I stop being so random. Today is our day! I will be blogging more. I will.

As I sit and listen to the rain outside my window I want to share these 5 things with you.

First, stop trying to please everyone.

The only people we will ever please are the ones who are looking at our best interests without contempt or jealousy. So please yourself first and please those who you know truly matter.

Those that are looking for ways you are doing it wrong, are definitely the ones who have the problem and sadly, often are the ones who never figure out it is them.

Second, stop fearing change.

Change can be the best thing to ever happen to us. When we stop having fear, we actually live in the moment and truly enjoy our beautiful lives. Fear is when we see the false outcome in a bad way. 

But changing ourselves to live in the moment without looking into the future, is when we truly live and have fun.

I used to have fear that if I drove every day, I "might" get into a car accident or if I drive in the winter, I "might" go off the road. If, If.....

Now, I am learning to live right now and see myself being a safe driver who can only get better by believing in myself getting out there. Change is eye opening and exciting! Think of the things we can do!!

Third, stop living in the past.

This one stings. Right? We think about what happened, not what can be. Say good bye to the past and enjoy right now. It's pretty awesome when you know that you have grown from the past into this amazing person you are today. 

Forth, stop putting yourself down.

It seems the easiest path is to say, "I can't, I'm not good enough, I'm too tired, I'm too old".

Just stop. You can, you absolutely are, you can sleep later and age is just a number.


Oh the things we will do when we believe in ourselves and enjoy our time doing it. When you decide to do something that might have been easier to say no and stay home in your chair, in your pajamas with a cup of tea.....but you don't do that.

You say yes, you go out you live in the moment and you have fun. It is an amazing feeling and it helps us to become a better us.

Finally, stop overthinking.

This one has a personal story for me....

This past spring, I went and had my yearly physical. My test results came back abnormal. I got the results that less then one percent of women get. And then it happened, the doctor played the fear card.

I felt fine, no symptoms. Almost didn't even go to the appointment. But the card had been played. I waited months. 

Then....I caved. I went to another doctor for a consult and within a week I was scheduled for surgical procedures. I knew in my heart it was wrong. I did it anyway.

The results came back completely normal. Yes, it eased my mind. BUT the doctor admitted, the first abnormal test...the one where the fear was placed in my subconscious, was "likely human error." My blood still boils.

So, stop overthinking. Stop letting others put fear in you. It's not easy. But I'll be damned before I'll play their fear game again or any other for that matter.

Trust your heart and soul. You know. We don't need to ask another person. We just need to listen to the answers our body gives us. Sit quietly with me today and listen. Be still. Breathe.

As a new chapter starts to unfold for me and I follow my own advice, I send you hugs, peace and compassion. You are beautiful.

Until next time,