Where To Go From Here?

Hi everyone! 

Not sure I have a very good excuse for not posting the last week or so, but it is not from lack of trying. Can you hear all that noise in my head?

The thing is, my head is in a zillion places and I'm sure hoping you will want to join me on this adventure! You see, I am in the middle of what I will call my "mid life crisis". 

In the last few months, I fired my physicians assistant, then I went for a second opinion on a shoulder injury to a wellness center and proceeded to fire them too.....and then just recently, I cancelled working with a couple direct sales companies that I believe have an amazing mission statement. I did not stop working with them because I do not want to be a part of them, I stopped because I am frankly, tired. 

I am tired of asking people, you for instance, to purchase a product or host a party or join my team. I am tired of asking, wondering and doing. You are now safe.

(**Now, I do want you to know I will never, ever, never, ever...give up my membership with doTerra. Essential oils and supplements are a part of my daily life. I love them. I believe they work and can help all of us, if we give them a chance. My life without Balance essential oil for instance, could make me a bit more abnormal then usual. And I need my Frankincense, I mean it is the essential oil that has so many benefits, I know my body needs it. So if you want to purchase an oil.....message me... ;-) I will not message, call or text you unless you ask me too.)

So this "mid life crisis" or "new adventure" I am embarking on, is all about being able to just be. To stop all the noise in my head and enjoy every minute. 

My adventure has started with a vision of trying new things when the mood is right, being a recluse on other days and often striking out and seeing all the nooks and crannies my beautiful home state of Maine has to offer. (and there is so much I am yet to see).

I believe through quiet reflection, a prolonged vacation at home and taking care of me, inside and out.....I will gain better health, I will meet new exciting people, I will see more, feel more and be able to truly relax and be me. Health benefits are literally everywhere I look! 

Maybe I'm doing this because I am feeling menopausal, maybe it is because my oldest son will be 24 years old and my youngest son will be 20 years old very soon, maybe it is a combination of both. I absolutely have no idea. 

What I do know, tonight is the first night of the rest of our lives!  It is also the first night of July. The perfect time to start. Tonight I will sit quietly with my dogs and read a book, tomorrow I start exploring. I will let my hubby take the wheel and we set out to drive with the tourist, to be kind to one another and to truly see the beauty around us. We will pay it forward, purchase locally made products, hit the farmers markets, listen to the birds and stop to smell the wildflowers.

Get ready for a series of posts on our travels around the state of Maine. Pictures of our small towns and our amazingly beautiful, powerful coastline. Our people, our animals, our flowers and our native food. Recipes & lobster, yup, coming on Monday. My husband will be cooking them...I can simply not put them in the pan. (story for another day)...

So where do we go from here? I passionately hope you will stick around to see. <3

Hugs to all,