Time Freedom

Do you believe in time freedom? 

Time is the number one thing people want more of in their life. 

Do you want more time on the clock or freedom from the clock?

The more I live my life without watching the clock on the wall, the more I accomplish in a day.

I know, you are thinking, this will not work because, I have to go to work, I have to be at this appointment at this time and pick up my kids at this time, eat dinner at this time and go to bed promptly at this time.......so how on earth can you ever stop clock watching?

If you let the clock run your life, you will always and forever be stressed. I mean, seriously how can you relax and truly enjoy your life if you are constantly in a state of hurry up, I'm late, I gotta go, gotta go. 

When I personally realized in my own life why I am always late, it gave me the proof that we are not programmed to live our life by a clock.

It does takes a big leap of faith and a weekend but you can do it. 

Remember you ALWAYS have a choice. 

You love the fact that you don't wake up to an alarm clock on the weekends, right? Well, keep that pattern going. Get up and let the day play out. Yup. Let it play out. Lose your control of the day and you will feel so free and happy. 

Think about this. Just how much of our life is guaranteed? Our health is dependent on being less stressed, less frazzled and less overwhelmed. 

So start this weekend. Break out of time prison. 

Spend a day or the entire weekend, waking without a clock, eating when you are hungry, spending time with family, relaxing on your deck and shopping when it feels right. 

I personally do not believe in the 9 to 5 schedule and that is why I have spent years learning ways to work at home and help others do the same. I have been spending my freedom learning and growing, it is not easy but definitely worth it. 

The past is gone, the future will happen, so just be. Breath in, breath out. Repeat.

Still feel you need to watch that clock?

Think about working from home and sharing the gift of time freedom with others. I would absolutely love to have you join us as we grow through compassion, love, and friendship.

You can visit me on Facebook here  because you and me and them together are building a community of compassionate people and we are making an impact on the world, one moment at a time. <3