Inner Wisdom

It has taken me some time to let all the thoughts in my head come together so that I can put them here. Sometimes putting letters of the alphabet together to make words into sentences can be extremely difficult.

I am learning that being completely happy when I am with myself is the most important to my growth. Do you like to spend time alone and prefer just your family members and a couple  of close friends?

I feel here inside this blog is where I can connect and share with all of you through my heart with love and compassion.

Recently, I started reading a couple books that really have helped me see life in a bit of a different lens.

One book is for my book group and is the story of a man in the 1970's who is on death row for committing two murders. The book is lengthy but truly goes in depth into his personality, his feelings and those who know him. 

In our group, we talk mainly about concepts. We talk about how education, upbringing, religion and economical situations can be part of what happens to a person and how others view that person.

The book is, "The Executioner's Song", by Norman Mailer and you can learn more about it here, but be warned there is a lot of information here with some spoilers. You may find it best to order the book or go to your local library without reading the entire description. It has worked best for me. I am on page 600 and something of 1086 pages.

I have learned that life really is not different now then it was in the 1970's. I know....yes, we have social media and cable television, but, is life different socially and economically? Do we have less crime and drug use? Sometimes social media and television may be the problem. We have 24 hours a day of constant news and we can with a click, go to CNN and FOX, MSNBC, Twitter and even Facebook. How much of what we read and listen to is the truth? Do you believe what the media says? 

Yesterday on Facebook, I read a post where someone shared an article from Fox News. Although I personally never watch that channel, I commented back to her asking if she was sure this was an accurate link. She commented back that all the news stations and social media was posting the same it must be true. (my shoulders just dropped as I took a long sad sigh).  (Something to think about as you scroll on social media today)

The second book I am reading is about living from our heart. 

Think about this, because it is not a quick answer of, "oh I do that".....because in reality most of us do not.

Yes, it is self help, yet it is so much more than that. This book has opened my senses on how to view success. Do you work from your heart or from an outside source? Do you use your imagination in your plan each day? 

I really feel we had our imagination taken from us around age 8. Do you agree? I just can not remember being "allowed" to use my imagination in school or really life after about that age. Society sucks it out of us and we have to allow ourselves to learn to get it back.

Stick with me and we will use our imagination more and more. I am feeling the ability to be free, to breath deeply and to do things spontaneously. 

The name of this book is, "Inner Marketing, The Non-Competitive Approach to Success", by Fredd Lenn. I purchased it through the strong recommendation of my friend and mentor at a small retail store in Bangor, Maine. I can send you their information if you are interested. You can also purchase through the publisher, The Three Hearts Society Publishing. 

To wrap this up, I feel you and I and every single person in this country and beyond needs to slow down. Seriously, stop the quick judgments and stop having all these opinions on others. I hear them every single day and it breaks my heart. 

I know we all have experienced different situations but we have survived right? Others are experiencing their own path and unless you or anyone else has walked in their shoes or seen life from their eyes, your opinion does not matter. A little reality check there.

I want to live from my heart. I want to spend my days happy without fear of someone judging me, questioning me and without me asking them to do something for me. 

A rainbow always leads you in the right direction. 

A rainbow always leads you in the right direction. 

If I have kept you reading this long, I want to share something very personal with you. My personal path has lead me to several locations and many pit stops on my journey. I now, finally realize, (whew, it has taken years) I do not need to do it all. I am enough. My health has shown me I need a break and I'm going to go for it.....

This is why I have made the personal decision that I will no longer be involved in any direct sales or network marketing company.

I can absolutely hook you up with some of the best entrepreneurs on this planet to help you. And I will be sharing some of their stories on this blog. (who wants to go first?)

If you are part of my team and have an essential oils account, that will not change in any way. I will always be a supporter and promoter of natural health and your account will be there as long as you want it. (I will keep up my education and be here to help you anyway I can).

This blog will NOW be to share life, so you can see opportunities, options and maybe find a way to work from home, maybe a new company you wish to purchase from or even something to read. Possibly a new great bookstore, a coupon or two to use, a new idea for growth, someone you wish to follow on social media or meet in person, a recipe, a special quote....the list goes on! 

I am so excited! 

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for reading this entire blog post. Come visit me on my social media platforms (see them at the bottom of this page) and please comment with ideas for what you would like to read more about. Life just got real.

Hugs to all,