5 Ways to Use Discipline For Our Health

Breathe in.....breathe out. Now do it again and pay attention to the feel of your breath as it goes through your nose and as your chest rises....then feel your breath as it goes out through your mouth and as your chest lowers. Now please, drop your shoulders. This is a remarkable way to help us relax. 

Are you taking the time to become disciplined with taking care of your body and your health?

If you are a woman, you likely take care of everyone else, right?

If you use all the excuses you have in your life, it is your own body, health and mind that suffers. 

I am living proof that if we always hold all our stress and feelings inside, those stresses sit heavy on our shoulders and neck. They sit on our chest and make it hard to breathe. Then we start to notice other small health issues that pop up like shoulder pain and headaches. Joint pain and muscle tightness. Yes, I am describing my own health and I changing my ways. 

How can we do it?

We can join together across the internet and support each other. You all have my support without judgement, always. 

We need to use the tools out there to help us. Here I want to share some tools with you.

1) Hobbies. Do you have one or more? Please take the time to start doing them again, even if it is just a few times a week. When you put it in motion the time will be there for you. I love to read. So after being part of a book group, I decided to start one myself. I love that after the time spent reading on my own, Sunday evening we all come together through a Facebook group and share our thoughts and feelings together as a group. Friendships are formed, thoughts are put into motion and stories are shared. If you would like more information about joining us click here, and send me a message, we would love to have you! 

2) Spend quality time with your kids, your family and of course, your furry friends. Time in the yard throwing a frisbee, sitting by a fire pit, telling stories and listening to the crickets can be the most stress relieving thing you do all week. (If the kids complain and don't want to join you, still go out and throw that frisbee for your dogs). 

3) Eat healthy. I hear all the time from people who say that eating healthy is impossible when you are busy and running from place to place. I also hear that it costs way to much to eat healthy all the time. These are unfounded. You can take fruit and cut up veggies in your car with you, keep a cooler in the back and throw in some ice, fill some BPA free water bottles and you are set. There are also some healthier choices for a quick lunch out there now, central Maine even has an Elevation Burger. It is not a perfect meal but it is quick and certainly healthier then the unmentionable other options.

The grocery store does not have to be your enemy. When you make a meal plan and then a list and stick to it, you can eat healthy without spending more. Remember it requires sticking to your list. Hands off the candy bar and cold drink at the check out line.

4) Make an appointment. If you are like me and prefer to seek out help from natural options, then schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist or even look into reiki or other energy work. 

A lot of insurance companies cover chiropractic care and mine also covers acupuncture. I only have to pay a small co-payment at each visit. I am starting my journey now with a new wellness center as I am ready to release all these stuck emotions and free myself of this relentless shoulder pain and chest tightness. Are you ready to join me? My next appointment is Monday.

5) Take a deep breath. Feel it. You are alive. Slow down and stretch your body. Feel all the pain and hear all the cracking from your joints. You are alive. Let go of the rambling thoughts and listen to the silence. You are alive. 

We've got this ladies and you men too. I am so excited to be on this journey of compassion, love and friendship. Smile at a stranger today and pay it forward. You may not only change their life with one simple gesture.....it may also change your life too.

Please post a comment and join me on Facebook at A Leash On Life, as I would love to hear from you and what your plan is for becoming more disciplined to take care of your health.

Love and light until next time.

Vicky <3 <3