Believe In Your Power

Never let go of your dreams, because the universe is waiting for you.

Take this moment and use your imagination. Feel that you already have what you want. Then read this. 

Have you heard the statistics?  

The US Department of Commerce says, women owned businesses grew 44% between 1997 and 2007.  

Women are starting businesses 3 to 1 over men and that equals over 400 woman a day!! WOW! 

This is a stat to stop and think about.

Are you ready to be the next one and join us?  You can and I hope you will.

I believe there are 5 strong reasons to start your business right now.

5)  Low start up cost. With both network marketing and direct sales companies you can start with no or very small overhead and pay $0 to $200 to start your business immediately. There are other companies out there that will cost more to start, but everyone I researched and the ones I am a part of are in this range.

4) Work for yourself. Build your business your way, but have a huge team that stands behind you and gives you support every day. All you do is reach out. Social media has given us the ability to talk with a teammate almost immediately. That support system and the fact that we are not in competition, we are here to help, guide and support each other, is worth more than it's weight in gold.

3) Work when you want. Make your own schedule and be available to your family and yourself. Never miss your kids or another loved ones events again. If you set a schedule when you will work and write it down or grab a planner and highlight the days and times you will work, then with a different color highlight the days you will take off, it helps to stay focused and will keep you and your business on track.  

2) The money. For many, it's not about the money, well not completely, because it is more about the time freedom, the personal growth, the teamwork, the empowerment.....but where else can we work our own schedules, answer to ourselves, and completely crush the glass ceiling?  Certainly not in corporate America.

1) Be an entrepreneur. Be authentic. Make a difference. Be part of something that follows your beliefs and values. This reason alone for me is why I work my own business. 

I have tried several direct sales and network marketing companies and it has taken time, but I have found the two that speak to my heart. That when I share with others.....I get goosebumps. Where I believe in their mission 100%. Where the glass ceiling will break.

So please take some time and research, type in key words that are meaningful to you. See what companies come up. Make a list and look at start up cost, compensation plan, where the company is based and most important their mission statement.

I am looking for women who are ready to start their journey, be authentic and want to help and support other people. 

Are you ready? Are you smiling? Will you consider joining me on this incredible journey?  

Please comment or message me, so we can chat and see if this is a fit for you. Believe in your power, because I already do.