Peeling Off Your Layers

Yesterday my oldest son and I went out to our veggie garden, in search of tiny growth from the seeds we planted last week.

We felt comfortable that we would find some because we have been taught that when you plant a seed in the proper soil and nuture it with sunlight and water, it will grow. 

Here we are on our hands and knees, leaning over the raised beds, getting our knees wet in search of these tiny plants. When we found the lettuce, peas & kale were growing with their little tiny leaves just beginning to push themselves through the soil, we were very excited and trusting that the growth will continue until we have a lush, green, plentiful garden full of healthy organic veggies. 

As we are outside, I start to we completely trust the seed. So why do we not completely trust ourselves? 

Hummmm, what if we started trusting ourselves that our thoughts will produce beautiful growth in our own lives? Maybe you do. Maybe like me you have loads of layers stacked on you from the opinions and beliefs of others since childhood. 

What if right now, we begin peeling off those layers? That chatter we hear in our heads all day long. 

All the time as kids you were told, don't touch that, don't go there, sit still, please be quiet, eat all the food on your plate, do as I tell you, don't say that word. You were already building layers. You were having layer after layer put on you because of beliefs. Now yes it was likely done with good intention but it stopped you from learning and growing freely. 

Then as you became teenagers often you rebelled. Right? You ate lots processed foods, stayed up way too late, went against your parent's wishes and rarely did as you were told. 

Religious, social, peer beliefs, they all add up. Do you remember feeling or maybe feel it right now, that feeling of heavy pressure? To please someone else, to be like someone else, to do what someone else thinks you should do. Although in the deepest part of your heart, you know you need to do it different.

Hold on to that.  

If others start throwing their words at you, keep moving forward. Keep going. Please don't stop. Get them out of your head and feel with your heart. Follow the rules and be kind. Explain if you should, but be you.

Never apologize for being you.

When I look at all the layers that have been created on me and within me over the last forty six and a half years, I am overwhelmed and saddened that I let it happen. But, I look back at the garden and new growth of veggies, standing tall and I look at the layers of change at the Grand Canyon. (yes, I have been there on a cold and windy day) and although they don't seem to go together. They do.

A delicate, tiny little plant is standing amongst rain, wind, sunlight and cold and the Grand Canyon has done the same amongst raging water, wind, cold, snow.....yet they both stand strong. Beautiful.

You do too. 

You are strong in mind and soul. You are a human 'being'. 

How powerful is knowing that you can think affirmations and believe that what you say will manifest into your life. 

Peel off the layer today that you are hiding under. Maybe it will be a process of peeling off layer after layer from others words and opinions. Peel them off, because (a little secret) those words and opinions do not matter. They belong to the person who said them. 

When you begin to not live in the past or worry about the future, you can be in this moment

You feel it. You identify. You stop hearing the egoic mind and others voices. 

What do you hear? Praise for yourself? Love? Respect? The ability to leave a bit of food on your plate. To go do what you most want to do. Maybe a bit scared, but recharged and ready. Anyone feel goose bumps?

I know that I want to write. I want to share with you where I have been and how I am moving through my layers with exercise, food and nutrition and the help of others doing the same. My five pets help me on this journey every moment of my day. We have a powerful connection. They listen and they hear without judgment or fear. They feel our emotions and love with all their being.  

I want you to know you are an absolutely incredible, beautiful, free being. 

Look in the mirror and say yes, to you. To what you honestly know in your heart is the right thing. Take care of yourself. Be gentle on yourself. As you peel back the layers it is a mindful process where you need to say thank you for allowing me to let this go now.  Toss it away into the wind and get it out of your head. 

Once it is gone you will begin. New people will enter your life. You will start to see new opportunities opening up for you. 

Nuture your body by giving it what it recognizes. Say bye, bye to sugar. It is a hard addiction to give up but when we do it is powerful! (Yesterday I had a chocolate and peanut butter bar but not today)

Give yourself love and respect. Fill your mind and your heart with kindness for yourself. You are not perfect but when you begin to tap into your soul power, life is good.  It does matter.

It truly is an incredible process. Because you are a human 'being'. You are love. 

When you continue to bring your thoughts back to love, you will continue to peel off more layers and will have the ability to heal. 

Find an affirmation that works for you and tape it to your mirror, put it on your refrigerator, in your car or on your wall and say it over and over every single day. Repeat.

Mine is, "as I release all feelings of worry and guilt, I allow myself to peel off another layer". 

Enjoy and feel the now. This moment is all you have.  

Who is going to have a healthy lunch today for yourself and feed your furry best friend a healthy meal as well? Stay with me and we will keep pulling off the layers, eating healthier, knowing a healthy mind will help us keep a healthy life and have fun. 

"When I use my life in any way that makes another person's life better, I feel most alive." ~     Liz Murphy