Get Out Of Your Head

Are you in there right now? 

Are you going crazy with thoughts, ideas, and images flashing by like there is a super powerful camera lens with the flash shining right in your face? 

Yesterday turned into one of those days for me. One person saying one thing, the next another. They were testing me, without even knowing it. Maybe it was the universe telling me to get the hell out of my own way?  

Today I made a decision, really a few decisions and I would LOVE to have you join me on this journey.  

First, I am going to be happy. All day. You can too. No matter what others try to do to get in your head, block them. You know, I think we should put on some hockey gear. Our protection from the world.  I know there are other happy people out there so take extra hockey gear with you when you leave your house today and share! I think this will really make the negative, manipulative people wonder what we are up too. 

Second, We should put our phones away. Now, I'll be honest, I keep my phone close because you never know when your kids might need you, right.? Although, my kids are all grown up, so they would probably be just fine. So we will put our phones near by but only use them for positive reasons. 

Third, get out and enjoy this day! If you work a 9 to 5, then go for a walk during your lunch (even better with a friend). If you work from home, get out and meet up for coffee, go shopping, or read for a bit. Maybe all afternoon. 

It may be a so called work day, but we still need to take time to feed our souls. We need to be nurished and we need to relax.

Remember in my last post, I said I threw away my mask? So this is my post on how we can step forward, grow, even thrive without it....hummmm.....sensing a problem here, because I think I went from a mask to putting on hockey gear. Wondering now, if we are going forward or back. 

I'm thinking forward, because you can not hide with all those big bulky pads on. Right? 

 Let's make it epic. Seriously. Thinking a drop or two of essential oils and a grande Smores Frappachino at Starbucks with a friend should help me be happy. Then I will eat organic and healthy all weekend playing ball with my dogs. 

So remember, "Get out of your head, and get into your heart. Think less, feel more". Osho