Going Controversial

To everyone here in the United States, "Happy Memorial Day!" To those of you in other beautiful countries, "Happy Monday!"

As I am home today watching the rain outside my window, I am thinking about what today stands for and what for me, every day stands for.

I take a sip of coffee in a huge mug, and I contemplate the way we treat each other. The way we sit in our homes and often judge others. How our opinions are rarely based on facts, but on beliefs that were placed into our subconscious minds throughout our lives, over and over again.

Have you noticed when we are home we feel safe to speak hateful words of others in judgment and fear?

Yes, today I am going controversial. 

The definition of controversial is, a state of prolonged public dispute or debate, usually concerning a matter of conflicting opinion or point of view. 

I have to take a few moments and digest this on the premises of why are controversial issues so prominent and seem to become more violent each and every day?

Today, Memorial Day, we celebrate and thank our soldiers, our veterans who fought and fight for us every single second of every day. We thank the families of those who serve, as they keep moving forward without their child, husband, wife, brother or sister here with them. 

We all want our freedoms. Right? Freedom of speech. Freedom to do what we want every single day. To work, to play, to travel. To speak our minds.......

Here I pause. 

Today being Monday reminds me that the word Mon is in the name of this day and is French for "mine". How interesting.  

Mine, a form of a possessive. Something that belongs to me. So, what if, today we take the word mine out of our vocabulary and we replace it with us. All of us, every single beautiful person in our neighborhoods, in our towns, in our states and in our world and become one.

I ask each of you reading this today to join me and everyone around our globe to be conscious of how we speak our minds. That we be conscious to our thoughts and words. That we stop ourselves (no matter how hard it seems to be) and not judge someone else. 

Our opinions, mine and yours are just that. Opinions. And those opinions spoken out loud can truly be life changing for the other person or persons. 

That person may not be the kind of person you "think" they should be. They may have made mistakes but your attempt to be kind to them, even if it is "just" a smile and a hello as you pass by, can quite possibly change their entire life. 

Whether it be about  politics, religion, nationality, skin color, or the way someone dresses, the car they drive, the color of their homes, mistakes made in their past......think. before. you. speak.

Is it better to be kind? YES! Walk away if you need to, I have done this and although it is hard, I know we are a better version of ourselves for leaving the situation and not getting in the last word. 

We are not born with opinions or judgments we are taught them and we have all been judged and often sadly by those close to us. We all hear what others think we should believe, we hear those voices around us telling us how to live, how to worship, how to think. Noise. It is noise. 

I am giving one hundred percent of myself to learning to stop listening. I am giving one hundred percent of myself to love everyone. I am on a journey. And you are welcome to join me. 

If we all start this right now, if we free our hearts of fear, judgement, doubt and worry and instead start to be mindful and replace them with friendship, respect, kindness, compassion and love, our lives will start to change immediately. It will happen. It is happening.

I believe our physical and emotional health improves, and we become.....happy. We become beautiful. 

You can reshape your thinking so that you never have to think in negatives again. You and only you choose your thoughts. It takes time and we are all growing together.

Remember, you can not go around being what everyone wants you to be, living your life through other people's rules and expect to be happy. 

I invite you to stop listening and looking outside and towards others and join me as we look inside and see the fabulous person you are looking back at us in the mirror every day. 

Start today sharing loving words with yourself.

Start today bringing positive thoughts to your mind.

Start today repeating to yourself I am ___________ you fill in the blank. Use words that fit you. Examples are beautiful, thoughtful, worthy, empowering, loved. 

Stay tuned, there is more to come soon!

Hugs to you all. <3 <3