5 Ways You Can Make A Difference...Today!

Your day is so busy you think there is no way you can change the world, but do you know there are things you can do as you go about your day, that will make a huge difference in someones life and they take very little if any time...

You may not change the entire world, but you may change the world for one person.

Please read on.... 


Want to make a big impact in someones life?  

Do one, two, three or more of these..... 

5) Donate Blood.  

Are you like me and are not a fan of needles, let alone blood? I totally understand, however, when you think about the impact donating blood can have on your community it is worth strongly considering.

From the time you arrive until you leave, is about the length of your lunch hour. The donation itself takes on average 8-10 minutes. Your gift may help up to 3 people.  These 3 people may never know you, but may be forever grateful. You may save their life. 

4) Be Kind.

The amount of positivity you put out into the universe is huge when you give someone a compliment. Tell someone they look beautiful or handsome. Tell someone they did an awesome job or how lucky you are to know them. These compliments will bounce from one person to the next and make a lot of people have a really fantastic day. 

3) Pay It Forward.

The concept is to turn the focus away from us and be about giving instead of taking.  

There are so many ways you can pay it forward but a few ways are to, leave a copy of a great book in a cafe for someone else to pick up and read, volunteer, pay for the order of the guy/gal in line behind you, smile at people you meet and strangers as they pass by and give someone the benefit of the doubt.  

You never know how much this can have a ripple effect from you to me, to someone who shares with someone else and as we go about our day, that can become a really long stretch of ripples. 

2) Recycle/Reuse.

Do you know that each person creates close to 5 pounds of waste every day!?! Yikes! We can do so much better. Keep your cardboard, cans, plastic and paper to take to the recycle center in your community. Keep your veggie scraps and egg shells in a compost bin to use later in your vegetable and flower gardens. 

And reuse! This is where I need to give a thumbs up to Pinterest. There are so many incredible ideas on there for taking something we would normally think of as trash and make into some pretty incredible, useful items for our home and yard. For instance, making furniture out of pallets and turning an old door into a corner shelf or garden gate. Before throwing things away, think can I reuse this in another way and if not, can I take this to someone who will.

1) Buy Fair Trade Products.

These products are made in developing countries and companies pay a fair price to the producers. There are several companies that sell fair trade products and it is important for us to look at purchasing from them as the workers and artisans deserve fair pay. Fair trade guarantees producers a living wage for their work and amongst other things provides healthy and safe working conditions.

Do you know that approximately 40% of the world's population exists on only $2.00 a day!?!

There are many different companies that sell fair trade products and one company close to my heart, Trades of Hope sells handmade products such as jewelry, scarfs, handbags and more through the direct sales line. I would love to share more with you!

They assure artisans make up to 6 times more then they normally would in their country. Almost every woman and man wants an opportunity, a hand up not a hand out.

It just makes sense to put your money towards a product where you make a difference with every single purchase. 

With intention we can all make a difference in our world today. Can you see the ripple? It is bouncing along and gaining strength. 

Hugs to you all! Please leave a comment with questions or more ideas on how to keep our ripple moving forward!