Dare To Begin

Your story is waiting for you. Do you hear the hint of a whisper? A hint of a whisper that maybe you have been shrugging off? We all get busy and caught up in life. Scared to reach out to change. It is ok, as long as we acknowledge this and when we do.......it's freaking exciting.

I know one thing, life is short and we have no guarantees, so we need to dare to begin. Not just live day to day, with chores, a job we hate, always waiting for the weekend, but beginning to live with fire in our bellies. How exhilarating it would be to work with other women that have that same fire. 

I read many stories today about beautiful women artisans from the USA, India, Costa Rica, Kenya, Thialand, Jordan and other countries too. They make the most gorgeous personalized products in workshops including necklaces, woven scarfs, braclets, handbags and much more.

They are amazing women who are working to survive in desperate situations of poverty, lack of education, sex trafficking  and very unhealthy lifestyles. Even as they live in conditions many of us can not even begin to comprehend, they are not asking for us to give them a hand out.

They are asking for a hand up.  

Wow, right? Our national news and media forgets to share all these incredible people with us. But they are not forgotten but the rest of us.  

Together by raising our voices we can all join hands and help bring each other hope, compassion and empowerment. By sharing their stories, we can help bring awareness.

All of these women give all of us hope. Hope that what we are dealing with in our own lives will get better or just maybe isn't so bad after all.....hope that by all of us joining hands without judgement and continuing to build a community lives will continue to be changed. 

We can see beauty when we look from the direction of our hearts. And we have the choice to make a difference.  

Will you dare to begin and join us?  When each of us takes one small step every day, the ripple begins. 

I'm guessing by this point you can tell I am becoming a Compassionate Entrepreneur. Really this title is my life mission. And I ask, am I looking for you to join me as a storyteller, business owner, a woman with a leash on life who wants to not only awaken her own purpose but help others do the same?.

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Thanks for being here. ❤️