13 Brave Quotes To Say Out Loud

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most precious of them all?

Today being Friday the 13th, is the date you have chosen to start having conversations with yourself in front of your mirror. And I applaud you! 

It is extememly empowering to converse with yourself, asking....

What do I want? Who do I want to become?  I am not scared, instead I feel inspired.

You are deserving and beautiful and I hope these 13 quotes that inspire me to get up and get out of my own way will help do the same for you.  

One more thought before I share, please go grab a notebook or some sticky notes and write down your favorites. The quotes that give you goosebumps or you want to read again. Then, put them by your computer, on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. 


1) "The beginning is always today." ~ Mary Shelley

2) "I vow to let go of all worries and anxiety, in order to be light and free." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

3) "Fitness happens from the neck up." ~ Shaun T

4) "It's okay to be scared. Being scared means you're about to do something really, really      brave." ~ Mandy Hale

5) "Be yourself. They don't have to like you, but you don't have to care." ~ Doe Zantamata

6) "YOU....always have a choice. "

7) "I am not a victim. No matter what I have been through, I'm still here. I have a history of victory." ~ Steve Maraboli

8) "You must find a place in yourself where nothing is impossible." ~ Deepak Chopra

9) "How others treat me is their path, how I react is mine." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

10) "Hello, You're looking gorgeous today! "

11) "Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends." ~ Aberjhani

12) "You are confined only by the walls you build around yourself." 

13) "What if.......

After reading these, I hope you will fill in the dots for number 13. What if?  

What if you take these quotes and apply them into your life, right now? I'm pretty sure, you will see things shift in your day. You may walk a little lighter and feel more at peace with yourself.

These quotes have helped me and are still helping me to defeat negativity as it comes into my mind. Remember you are not alone.

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step." ~ Naeem Callaway

Because you need to know, what if..... ❤️

PS I'm wicked excited!