Game On

What a week! After experiencing cold like symptoms or allergies for the last few days and suffering with a sore upper arm for several months, I am done. Completely done. 

Done with pain and inflammation in my body. Game on.

While drinking my coffee this morning, I put essentialoils in our diffuser to help me find my energy and it got me thinking. Thinking that I am done with my seven hundred and forty six thousand, three hundred and twelve excuses.

I gained energy just from saying good bye to all my excuses and started thinking that I am ready, right now. Yup. Doing it.

So I grabbed my IPad and started researching exercise dvds. I wonder how many thousands of options there are out there? Yikes!  

After researching for hours, there are a few things you should consider before spending money on a program.

First, if you buy one will you use it? Like really use it, every week? Or does your personality fit more in with going to the gym and joining a group of people there to be part of a community to feel better too?

Are you more of a stay at home and sweat kind of person? Like to set a schedule and make it happen in your living room? No driving to get there, just put on your spandex and get to it? Are you a bit vocal like me, and feel the need to yell at the television every now and then. And are you ok with sharing your space with your pets as they wonder what on earth you are doing? Mine lick my face when I lay on the floor as if I might need CPR.

What type of program will best fit your needs right now? Are you looking for strength training? Endurance? Relaxation? Weight loss? 

Do you prefer high intensity workouts, with lots of squats and lunges or are you looking for more low key exercises and stretching, like with some yoga programs? (Just in case you are wondering, and I think you might be, squats and lunges are what make me yell at our television)....

It all matters because the main point is to stick with it and be excited! Excited that no matter how slowly you start, that you keep going one step, one squat, one warrior pose at a time. Just keep going.

When you focus on what you truly want to do, what interests you, what you can start with and build with intensity over time, what you should do! 

So jump on the internet and start searching. I decided to go with a dance program. When I say "dance", it doesn't sound like exercise to me. It sounds fun and it sounds like a program I will need to learn the steps. It gets my blood pumping just thinking about the challenge. (And just saying, the instructor looks really good too)

I am looking for accountability partners on this journey. If you are ready, no matter what level you need to start at, to jump up off the couch and get your body moving then let me know! We can keep each other accountable and excited because do you know what it truly means?

You are helping your body get rid of inflammation and fat. You are building up your muscles and gaining more breath. You just feel better.

Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease, so when you drink plenty of water, eat fermented foods, cut out carbs, and get out in the sun, along with an exercise program that you do on a regular basis, you will be creating a lifestyle change. One you will be proud of. 

I am NOT an exercise guru. I am not at the fitness level I want to be at. I am me, striving to be better, healthier and ready to start with you.

Do you have your game on?