5 Great Things I Learned From Animals In 2016

Hello New Years Eve!

new year new opp.jpg

Although I am ready for a new year, a fresh beginning, I still want to enjoy the moments left today to finish out this year. 

2016 was a year of turbulence, yet also a year of following my heart. I hope when you take a moment to look back over this year, you will search for the good, the positive and those moments that remind you of how precious our lives are. 

So much anticipation to blog all things animals this coming year and I am beyond excited, and wagging my tail, to have the incredible opportunity to work one on one with your fur babies in my small, cozy grooming shop.

Holding the scissors in my hand feeds my creativity and in my mind I can see so many moments of conversation and connection with our furry best friends.


 I have learned so much from animals this year…..

1)   Follow your heart and your nose to do what you want to do. Have an idea or a plan for something you want to do but don’t quite dare take the first step? Money, worrying about what others will think or say and belief in ourselves can hold us back, but when we talk with our dogs, and we truly listen, there is a brand new perspective. I promise. 

2)   Let go of the fear and flop over on your back and just plain relax. Tell anxiety and fear to take a hike and listen to your pets as they show you how to let it go. Watch your cat today and take the time to look into his eyes, feel what he is sharing with you. Even your dogs can show you this. Lay down beside them in the same position and physically feel the fear leave your body. (yup, I do this) 

3)   Play more. This is huge and I need massive work on this one. We need to get out of our heads and start realizing we do have time. Turn off that television, get off social media and go play. Share with your family, including your pets the enjoyment of building a snowman, a snowball fight, but play nice. Maybe putting a puzzle together, pulling out those dusty board games or even just having a conversation together. I spy anyone?

4)   Bask in the sun. Us Mainers will have to do this through the glass of our doors and windows along with our pets. Let the sun hit your face and smile. It is refreshing, fills us with positive energy and connects us with the earth. Cats know what they are doing, trust them to share with you.

5)   Bark less and purr more. We all know when we are constantly talking and filling up all the space with noise, it is almost impossible to learn or grow or feel peace. When we judge or start voicing opinions about other humans we are hurting ourselves. So let’s all work together to end this year with purring more, listening to the quiet, listening to those around us and see that there is so much more to learn and understand when we allow our minds and hearts to open. Just like our pets, love everyone.

So before you take a nap today, I want to share with you that starting this week the blog will becoming active with what you asked us for. I have been listening to pet professionals, reading and researching for years and we will start with pet food, decision making, costs, ingredients and different factors that play roles in what we feed our furry best friends. So get that nap in cause there is a lot of information I will be sharing with you. Happy New Years Eve! Be safe and we will see you in the new year!

Hand to paw,