Pen to Paper

Finally, my pen is moving on paper again inside the pages of my journal. I feel as though a block has been released on my heart and it is amazing really, I realize, how life can be without the noise.

I realize, how life can pull us away for a time from our passion, our purpose and stick out these obstacles to trip us up and we do not even realize at the time what they are. We do these "things" for awhile until we see that they are just roadblocks on our journey. Some teach us about others and some teach us about ourselves. We must brush off the dust and keep moving.

Like going for a walk on a path that someone we will likely never meet has placed for us to be able to walk on without rocks or crevices in which to turn our ankle or cause us pain. A path that is smooth and wide enough to have someone walk beside us and hold our hand. Do you smell the grass and wildflowers? Do you feel the warm sunshine on your face? Is your dog walking along with you?

I now take a moment and thank this person or group of people for taking their time to work hard so we can enjoy the beauty and benefits of this beautiful path. 

Some of us will go for a leisurely walk, while others may jog and some will be running right past us, gone in the blink of an eye. 

You may ask why? Are they running for pleasure (in my mind this can not be the reason) so maybe they are clearing their thoughts and pushing themselves to get through the thick detailed webs in their vision, while others may be walking slowly as they are not yet ready yet to change their vision.

When we stay on this smooth beautiful path, we feel safe. We trust that the person who placed it here will lead us to a comfortable place. An end point where we can get back to our cars and drive home to continue on with our lives just as before we stepped onto that path.

What if, however, we take just one step off the path and trust ourselves instead of others? What if our left foot stays straight on the path but we turn our right foot just a few inches to the right and feel it land on the green soft grass?

Are we then heading off course? Or are we following our own heart and the true direction for us? Maybe we are actually finally opening our hearts towards a pinpoint of light towards our own personal passion? Towards trusting ourselves and following the dream we have. 

As this blog becomes active again, I ask you to take a moment every day and go somewhere that gives you comfort, familiarity and is totally quiet. 

I ask you to just be. Take everyone out of the equation and think about you and your purpose.  Because you matter. Your thoughts matter. The direction of your feet, matter. 

A story was told to me a while back when I was scared and afraid to talk in front of a small group of people and it was told to me like this....

"If you get up on that stage and look out at the beautiful people looking back at you and feel afraid, you are sharing the wrong message with them. If you look out at them and feel respect, love and peace, it means you are sharing something important and special with them and are looking for absolutely nothing in return. That is when you know you have taken your ego out of the situation and are speaking because you have something to share that does not need anything back. That is when you are putting your feet in the right direction."

What direction are you going in today? Take a peek at your right foot.  

Be happy and follow your heart.