As we grow older, we are passionate about our earth. 

I am very fortunate that I have grown up around dogs and cats. I do not remember a moment without one in my life. From German Shepherds, to Basset Hounds, to friendly felines, they have always been here for me. 

As an adult, I went to school to become a professional pet groomer and as I look back on the memories, I am beyond thankful for all the moments I have spent one on one with dogs and cats. I remember laughter, trust, respect, love and several inappropriate words/thoughts from mostly the felines. haha

The animals truly have taught me more then any human in any classroom. 

I am a strong believer that we are all equal, no matter our age, or where we grew up. And I believe the more we live a quieter more natural lifestyle the healthier we will become. I also believe the time is now to stop the craziness of synthetics we are putting in our bodies and in our homes. 

Over the last several years, our diets have changed to be much more organic and we use fresh veggies and meats whenever possible. We are thankful for our gardens and our farmers markets. We also have used essential oils for several years whenever possible, in place of pharmaceuticals and we use cleaning products that are free of chemicals and fragrances.

Now after a miserable foot injury and the unpleasantness of insurance companies I have become a retired pet groomer sooner than planned. So I am making lemonade out of lemons and working towards certifications in essential oils and in animal communications, I am completely dedicated to bringing you natural health options for you and your furry best friends.

Our goal here is not to convince you of anything, but to simply share what we learn through our love of animals, nature and clean living! Let's work with the animals and grow to live a less chaotic life together. Natural just seems better. 

The journey continues.

Hand to Paw,



Me & Molly

My Golden Bestie

My hand & Merlin's paw
My feline partner in crime

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